▶   See off-market opportunities in their markets that they have been looking past previously, opportunities worth $10’s of to $100’s of thousands of dollars

▶   Have a better understanding of how to evaluate properties for their highest and best use including retail sale, investor sale, flip, build, or hold

▶   Have gained an understanding of evaluating infill developments sites and key things to look out for when considering them

Lunch Included!

Our next two Small Group Active Tour events will happen on

May 16, 2018 and July 27, 2018.  


Full-Day Pass Including Lunch $499. Seating for event is extremely limited.  

May 16, 2018 and July 27, 2018
9am to 4pm in Seattle, WA

This event is designed and intended to create an educational and inspirational event for attendees. At the end of the event attendees should have a better understanding of how to:

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▶   Tour 4 sites covering multiple types of Real Estate including rental hold, fix and flip, in addition to new construction and development

▶   See projects in different phases ranging from prior to start of work, to active mid-construction, to fully completed projects ready to sell

▶   Discuss each project including how we found them, how we determined what to do with them, and what the strengths and challenges of each project were, and how we overcame and optimized them

▶   Close out the day with a review of the financials for each project so you can see how they pencil and what the profit looks like for real deals happening now, as well as what the agent commission potential is for each deal and why this can 5x your income

▶   Having a fun contest and giving away a special prize to the winner at the end of the day

During our event day together, we will: