Sales & Mindset Mastery course

To be a great salesperson you not only have to have top notch sales skills but also a top notch mindset. Dive in as the Springboard Team takes you through everything you need to know about leveling up not only your sales skills but also your mindset. Increase your skills and boost your mindset so that you can build a massively successful real estate empire. 

Most Real Estate Investors Are Leaving Money on the Table... 

Let's call out the obvious: the average real estate investors is missing out. Maybe you're a complete beginner, or perhaps you've been around the block a few times. If there is anything that we have learned over our 75 years of combined business and real estate experience it's that most individuals lack the advanced communication strategies needed to close more deals.


It's typically one of two things: maybe you are lacking confidence in yourself (mindset), or perhaps your communication skills are not where you want them to be (closing skill set).  You're not alone. That's why we created the Springboard to Wealth Sales and Mindset Mastery course! 

Supercharge your success

Springboard to Wealth's Sales & Mindset Mastery course is jampacked with valuable content, skills, and lessons all designed to help you succeed in sales and with your mindset. 


Sales and Mindset Mastery is for you if you are wanting to turbo charge your results by improving your closing skills and mindset so you land more appointments, close more deals, and make more money...on your way to building passive income!

Who it's for:

If this is you, You're probably struggling with: 
  • Prospecting

  • Maximizing the power of your marketing

  • Phone and in-person conversations

  • What to do at appointments

  • Overcoming common objections

  • Closing the deal

  • Sales relationships

  • Silencing your inner critic

  • Mastering the power of non verbal communication 

  • Creating relationships that sell in 5 minutes or less

  • Confidence, taking action, and getting results


30 On-Demand Trainings

Loaded with proven sales tactics and powerful mindset strategies 

($999 Value)


Custom Scripts

Custom speaking scripts perfected over 4 decades of practice that give you the EXACT words you need to confidently talk to sellers and close more deals 

($300 Value)


Resource Library

Comprehensive resource library LOADED with powerful tools 

($200 Value)

Total Value: $1,499


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Meet your Instructors

Springboard to Wealth is a premier real estate investment education company founded by Thach Nguyen, Marc Erickson, and Stephanie Owens. ​The three started the company when they recognized there was a need for a progressive education that met the needs of today's modern investors. ​ Collectively Thach, Stephanie, and Marc bring more than 75 years of experience in the real estate space. They have successfully completed over 1,000 real estate projects and transactions.

Meet your Instructors

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Meet your Instructors

Why Springboard to Wealth?

World-Class Instructors

  • Get step-by-step instruction from real estate and business experts with firsthand experience and who do this every single day!

  • Proven and tested strategies developed by the best in the industry. 

Deep Level Expertise

  • Learn the methods, language, strategies, and secrets from some of the world's best real estate experts. 

  • Turn your new skills into sales.

  • Open new windows of opportunity. Master the core foundations needed for success and turn your new skills into additional revenue. 

Learn Proven Strategies and Blueprints

  • You're busy, we know the feeling! Our Sales & Mindset Mastery course outlines the most important information you'll need to be successful and as quickly as possible. 

  • Learn, implement, and win! 


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