Therapist turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Owens delivers a unique perspective to success.  She specializes in teaching high performance professionals turnkey communication tools and mindset strategies to achieve more and stress less so they can be both more prosperous and have satisfying work-life balance.   

Over the past two decades Stephanie has successfully built three thriving referral-based businesses from scratch without paid advertising or cold calling. Now she reveals trade communication to attract more clients in record time without feeling pushy, just by knowing how to talk with people in a way that is not only authentic, but also a perfect fit for how the human brain was designed.  

Whether coaching privately with clients or speaking to audiences, Stephanie shares from more than 25 years of experience to provide high-performance professionals the mindset secrets, tools, and strategies needed to make them a magnet for results. Armed with these tools for a powerful mindset, Stephanie’s clients resiliently achieve their ambitious goals without working so hard, no matter what distractions or obstacles arise.  

Stephanie is the creator of The Procrastination Cure 30 Day Challenge and author of a book entitled No Is The New YES!: The Overachievers Guide To Achieve More & Stress Less.  

She enjoys a peaceful, happy life near Tacoma, Washington with her amazing husband and their two wonderful college-aged children.

Stephanie is a founding member of Springboard to Wealth and, in addition to her own responsibilities as coach and trainer, oversees Springboard’s day-to-day operations, marketing, and customer service functions. A few more details about Stephanie:


▶    Therapist turned entrepreneur, teaches mindset and communication trade secrets to attract more business in record time        

▶    Successfully built three thriving referral-based businesses from scratch without paid advertising or cold calling

▶    Author of No Is The New YES!:  The Over Achievers Guide To Achieve More & Stress Less

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