Meet Marc Erickson, Principal, tactics

A Seattle native, Marc Erickson grew up surrounded by a family of Real Estate investors and entrepreneurs. He developed a taste for the game from an early age when he realized he liked the idea of flipping houses when he was just seven years old. 

Marc started studying how to buy and finance Real Estate creatively in the mid 90's and bought his first property in 1998 with $500 cash and a creative structure. He never looked back. After honing his sales skills across several industries, Marc became a top residential and portfolio lender. After the crash in 2008, he became an off-market acquisition specialist for one of the largest investor groups in the state.

Since then, Marc helped found Green Canopy Homes, where he sourced, structured, and ran their first projects. He eventually helped them transition from being known as experts in the remodeling space to becoming a leader in in-city infill development and new construction in Seattle and Portland. Marc has also applied his considerable skill sets to a wide range of Real Estate specializations, including off-market acquisition, flips, major rehabs, and new construction. 

A Real Estate Investment and Consulting professional, Marc is mission-driven to assist his clients in solving their Real Estate problems. Whether it be buying or selling, creative financing options, partnership structuring, or strategy creation and implementation for client goals, Marc can provide experienced solution-based answers and bring key strategic partners together to achieve clients’ desired outcomes. He specializes in handling unique and difficult property transactions or very short timelines specifically targeting in-city infill development and investment properties.


Whether it be closing quickly on a property for all cash, or taking a project through feasibility for a developer, Marc has the experience and relationships to assist his clients in evaluating opportunities and bringing them to fruition. 

Marc can assist in providing financing, vendor, and contractor referrals, case-by-case consulting and project analysis, and more. He also works with Real Estate Agents and Teams, Investors, and Property Managers who are looking to refine their systems, grow their businesses, add new channels, and train their teams. He works with homeowners who are trying to determine options and gather information. 

Within months of securing his Real Estate license, Marc will soon begin listing properties for sale, representing buyers, and buying desirable houses in good condition.

Marc’s expertise in Real Estate is surpassed only by his sincere commitment to integrity and contributing to others. When he’s not doing Real Estate deals, Marc is most likely coaching one of his two sons’ sports teams. 

Marc joined Springboard to Wealth in late 2016 and is loving his participation on this team. Besides coach and trainer on many topics related to making deals and projects profitable, Marc oversees Springboard’s content development, market knowledge, and coaching satisfaction functions. A few more details about Marc:


▶    Trusted off-market property acquisition expert for some of the largest investor groups in Washington State and a founding member of successful builder and developer, Green Canopy Homes  

▶    Deep knowledge of everything from flips to major rehabs to new construction


▶    Highly respected, top ranked salesman and sought-after sales trainer

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