Springboard listbuilder

Your all in one tool to solve you farm creation, marketing and owner research problems!!

We got tired of having to use multiple tools to create and manage our farms lists and to contact our sellers, so we built our own tool to do it!!

With the Listbuilder System you can 

-- Create Geo farms in the exact areas down the street that you want to far

-- Get every property in that area

-- Filter those properties to find likely fixer or BRRRR properties, value add 2-4 units, or even development opportunities. We do this by using our exclusive formula with the click of a button

-- You see equity, owner or non owner, last sale info and can sort by all of those and more

-- We grab every phone # we can find and make them available to you using multiple phone # research site

-- We grab every mail we can find, and they are valid email 

-- We provide letter and email marketing templates that can be branded to YOU

       -- You can access premium data like notice of default, marriages, divorces, or death information

       -- You can even export this information to your own CRM if you like

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We have created a tool that lets you combine multiple tools into one convenient location to work out of, or you can use it in conjunction with your existing tools!
         Want to see it in action? Check out this overview video!
How does it work? Look at this recent deal...
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We found this property, sent it one of our off market seller letters that are included in the list builder and got an appointment.


We tried to buy it ourselves to build it out, but we couldn’t quite get the right price and terms, so…


We converted it to a listing. We ended up selling it to a local builder on the market for a $40,000.00 commission.


They are going to build a $3,500,000 house on it or so.


Not bad for 1 letter, 1 phone call and 2 appointments with these sellers.


PS. We are now talking with that same builder about 2 other lots we found using the filters we created and off that same list. Those lots will be worth about $2.5 million as is, $7 million when redeveloped!!!


If this is something that you think can help you in your business, whether you are looking for fixers, development deals, or just want to be better at farming your area for listings and buyers sign up now and put it to work.


Your actions express your priorities!! If you have been wanting to reach more sellers, do a better job of farming and following up, more passive prospecting to create hand raisers, wait no more, sign up now!

But, that's not even our favorite part...
you get a free app for your phone for free as well!

Insert App Snapshots below 

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Now when you are out driving around you can access farms of up to 3000 properties right from your phone.


You can also check out new properties, get the info on them, and contact them right from your phone, add them to a farm for future follow up, or go knock them right there. You can walk up to the house, armed with information about the property and start a conversation in the moment!!


If you have struggled with finding great properties, building campaigns, or tracking down sellers the listbuilder has been designed exactly for you. This is the main tool we use in our business to create targeted lead lists and to contact those sellers!!

We built the tool using our 50 years of experience and designed and tested it to work in metro markets across the country.

Now it’s up to you to take the action!


You can start today, and be farming by tonight!!!