Our ideal Elite Coaching clients usually share these qualities: 

▶    Strong stabilized businesses and firm grasps on traditional Real Estate

▶    $350,000 plus Gross Commission Income

▶    Solo Agents or Team Leaders who are looking to increase efficiency and to add massive revenue growth to their businesses

▶    Understand that working smarter will be the key to achieving to their goals

▶    Passionate about taking their entire lives to the next level, using their businesses as a vehicle to make that happen

▶    Want to become actively involved in capitalizing on everything Real Estate has to offer from commission income to passive wealth creation

▶    Want to quickly reach a point where they can escape the rat race and have the freedom to work when they want, where they want, with whom they want, and only on what they want

▶    Willing to invest in themselves and their dreams, understanding the benefits that come from focused, strategic mentoring and having a small group of like-minded high performers to share the journey with

▶    Want to start creating wealth through aggressively applying new strategies and tactics in their businesses

Our Elite Coaching program is advanced training for the entrepreneurial Realtor who is ready to match mindset to skillset. Are your external talents producing, but your internal blocks still getting in the way of reaching your top potential? We can help.

This program includes all the benefits of both Jumpstart Coaching and Premier Coaching plus:

Limited Membership (no more than 20 people in each group)

Access to Thach and Marc for individual deals — 1 on 1 tactics and strategy conversations for specific scenarios to help you break through and get conversions.

Quarterly retreats — Deep dives to help take things to the next level, often incorporating site tours. Sessions focused on participants.

Weekly accountability and mindset calls with Stephanie Owens — Support and accountability to be sure you're taking the action needed to get real results.  Plus, sharpen your mindset!  Get and stay out of any funks and identify and remove any mind trash that is holding you back.


2 group live group coaching calls each month with Thach, Marc, and Stephanie to stay on track and get guidance and support as you move through the training modules and answers to your burning questions.  Bi-Weekly calls to cover course content, deals, obstacles, and to celebrate wins. Q and A driven for optimal value.


Once per month live group coaching call with Ender Iklay to perfect your sales skills and scripts

Ready to Transform your Business and Your Life?

Start now and receive a new module for each of the next 13 weeks. In 90 days you’ll be amazed with how comfortable and confident you are to be working with investors and builders OR pulling the trigger on your own investment properties. This program requires a 6-month commitment to see the full effects. 

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