How To turn 12 sellers into


Turn 12 Sellers Into $1,000,000 
By Cracking The Code of Working With Investors and Buil

May 15-17, 2018
Bellevue Sheraton

Bellevue, WA

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This dynamic 3-day live event combines innovative Real Estate strategies and tactics, essential mindset tools, and an investor-led tour of active project sites for an immersive and transformative experience. 

Does this sound like you?

▶   Are you a driven real estate agent or lender who is tired of grinding it out and sacrificing your relationships, health, and balance to be successful?

▶   Do you need more listings and wish you knew the secret to creating your own inventory so you have a steady stream of listings and make more money on each deal while doing the exact same work you’re doing right now?

▶   Have you achieved a measure of success, but secretly feel pressure to constantly produce new business and wonder how long you can keep up this frenzied pace?

▶   Did you get into real estate with the vision of being an investor but worry that the dream is slipping through your fingers?

▶   Would you love to have the proven formula for gaining a competitive advantage in any season or market cycle and make your business recession proof so you can FINALLY get off the income roller coaster?

▶   Do you feel bored and lack excitement about your career and can’t imagine doing this for another 20 years, but don’t have an exit strategy to get out of the rat race?

If this sounds familiar, this event is the answer you’ve been looking for! 

Ready to get started?

During this 3-day Live Event we will pull back the curtain to reveal the Real Estate strategies, tactics, skills, and mindset tools you need to massively grow your business this year. You’ll learn how to achieve this result without tons of extra time or money so you can have the income, lifestyle, and balance you crave. 

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Invest these 3 days in your business and you’ll walk away knowing the 8 Keys To Make More Money Working With Investors:     

1.  Proven Scripts Give You Exact Words To Approach Off Market Sellers Effectively

2.  Exact Formula To Find Lists of Off Market Properties

3.  Marketing Materials – Letters, Post Cards, FB Posts

4.  Know How To Evaluate Opportunities: (Deal, No Deal or Listing)

5.  Present Options To Sellers and Close the Deal

6.  Easy Ways To Find Ideal Investors

7.  Professionally Package and Present a Deal to an Investor so they can make a quick decision

8.  Build a Resilient Mindset



Charter buses will take you on a Site Tour of active projects in different stages of development to give you a boots on the ground experience with the investor who will help you to:    

▶   See sites through the eyes of the investor, learning to identify risks and opportunities

▶   Use these sites as case studies to understand different ways to evaluate these opportunities in a real world setting

▶   See what techniques and strategies were used to identify, negotiate, and acquire each one

▶   See behind the numbers for deals happening in real time 

Reserve your seat?

Plus, you’ll get the Essential Tools Bundle:

▶   Scripts that tell you EXACTLY what to say to effectively approach potential buyers, sellers, and key team members that maximize your prospecting

▶   A deal calculator that does the math for you, so you can quickly and confidently determine if a property is a “deal or no deal” 

▶   Daily Activity Tracker to keep you accountable and on pace with the essential activities you MUST DO 

▶   90-Day Action Plan so you continue to put what you learn into action after the conference ends to help ensure your success

▶   Worksheets that show you how to evaluate and compare the different financial return types used by the most successful builders and investors

Learn how Dave turned 1 Seller into 56 listings!


▶   Working sessions throughout the seminar will give you the opportunity to leave the event with essential tasks completed rather than leaving drowning in an endless To-Do List

▶   Gain experience using the deal calculator to evaluate live deals so you’re comfortable and confident with the tool you’ll use to determine if a property is a “deal or no deal” 

▶   Build your team of experts on the spot using the resources and scripts provided

▶   Role play and polish scripts so you’re prepared and confident to approach off market buyers and sellers

▶   Q & A sessions to get answers to the questions that matter to you most

You're really making us work for this!


▶   How to get crystal clear on your end game so you can stay focused and inspired to get out of the rat race faster

▶   The building blocks to a powerful, resilient mindset so you don’t get derailed by distractions and setbacks

▶   The 7 levels of Real Estate and how to use them as a map to create financial freedom

▶   How to identify and defuse the mental traps that have held you back in the past so you FINALLY break the cycle and achieve success

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PLUS ... !      

▶   The specific criteria you need  to quickly produce lists of irresistible off-market deals and eager sellers so you’re targeting the most profitable properties

▶    How to Stack your Pipeline in Fewer Appointments, with Less Time and Effort while enjoying the confidence and peace of mind that comes with it

▶   The surprising secret to turn one relationship into multiple deals each year 

▶   How to speak the language of investors and builders to establish credibility, even if you’re new to the game

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